Liteblue Change of Address : 3 Ways to Change Your USPS Address on Liteblue

United States Postal Service (USPS) is known as one of the largest postal services in the US and Canada. It houses more than 600K employees and for their convenience, they have provided them the Liteblue portal. This portal can be used exclusively by employees for professional as well as personal purposes. It lets them manage their personal information, plan their retirement, manage job tracking and mail orders.

We face a lot of issues when we change our residence. We need to go to various offices and submit forms to apply for a change of address. Fortunately, for the employees of USPS, this task is not very cumbersome when it comes to their job requirements. It can be done via multiple methods and we have created this article to let you know about each of them in detail.

LiteBlue USPS Address Change Doubts

As mentioned above, there are multiple ways to change our current residential address. But the entire process can be tricky sometimes. We can either do it via the Liteblue portal, via mail, or a telephone call.

How to Change Your USPS Address on the LiteBlue Portal?

The LiteBlue portal has been a boon to the USPS employees. They can manage various tasks on the go. Be it their daily schedule management, loan sanctions, salary receipts, or retirement management, it can all be managed via the Liteblue portal. Changing your address via Liteblue is the most convenient method to do it.

Follow the given steps to change your Liteblue address easily via the Liteblue portal –

  • Access from your PC or Mobile phones
  • Enter your Employee ID and password in the respective and login to Liteblue USPS.
  • Now click on the My HR tab.
  • There, you can see the Change My Address option under the I want to section. Click on that.
  • When the link opens, you have to click on edit
  • There you can change any necessary information.
  • Once the changes are done, click on the review
  • Recheck the changes and if you are satisfied with them, click on the Save option.

You have successfully changed your Liteblue address

LiteBlue change of address via postal mail

To change your Liteblue address, send an application to the following address:


P.O. BOX 970400,

GREENSBORO – N.C. 27497-0400,


As we all know, postal mails take time to reach and further processing also takes time.

LiteBlue change of address via phone services

Liteblue address can also be changed via a call to Liteblue Contact Number. They will ask for some proof to confirm your identity and once satisfied, they will make the requisite changes.

You can call them up at 877-477-3273. You can directly talk to the executive and he will let you know the time frame within which the changes will be made.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this article has made it easier for you to change your Liteblue address. Liteblue portal is the most preferable method out there but the other two methods also do the job. You need not fuss anymore about the procedures that you must follow to change the address. You just need to follow the aforementioned methods carefully.

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