How to access Liteblue USPS login steps on LiteBlue.USPS.Gov 

This is the best spot to learn how to access your USPS account if you work for a government agency. The site is restricted to use by a single Postal employee. After signing up, you’ll have access to a wealth of information on the schedule, pay, vacation time, etc.

Please be aware that this site is restricted to Postal workers only. Any attempt at unauthorized entry will be notified immediately, & legal action may be taken.

To access your account, you’ll need both your Employee EID & your SSP number (employee id and password).

Your LiteBlue Login USPS EID number is located on your photo ID. It’s an exclusive sequence of eight digits. We ask that you make the SSP difficult to predict for anyone else.

These Login portal credentials would be issued to you by Human Resources after you have been employed for a few days. Please get in touch with them to request these details if you haven’t already. 

  • Go to LiteBlue.USPS.Gov now to see the real deal.
  • When you first visit the site, you’ll be prompted to create an account by entering some information.
  • Please fill in your employee Username and password here.
  • If you’ve entered your information correctly, click the “Login” button.
  • Your browser will now take you to the main page of your online account.

How can I sign up for LiteBlue? 

Please be aware that official liteblue.usps.gov does not offer a web-based application process at this time.

The LitBlue HR department will issue you a temporary login ID & password within the first few days of the employment. It is highly suggested that you update it.

Employees can use this data to sign up for LiteBlue with more ease. Your EID and SSP numbers are all you require to access your online account.

Listed below are some suggestions for avoiding common login issues:

  • Secret Sharing Password
  • Create an SSP password of at least 16 characters long at www.ssp.usps.gov.
  • Keep in mind that your USPS-related online apps will require you to log in using your password, so be sure to record it somewhere secure.

Considerations for Creating an SSP Password 

  • Turn off the Caps Lock & Num Lock keys.
  • Must be a whole number between 0 and 9.
  • An A-Z alphabet is required (UPPER CASE)
  • The letters A through Z are required (lowercase)
  • Required to have a wildcard character like!
  • , @, $, %, ^, *, , +, ~ . (Any of these may be used; no other non-standard characters are permitted.)
  • Employees should be aware that ACE passwords are distinct from SSP passwords. The worker must also be aware that the SSP password is different from the USPS PIN.
  • You can only use your USPS PIN (Personal Identification Number) to have access to the USPS Self-Service IVR options. As a result, you’ll need the SSP password to log in to any USPS service’s associated web portal.
  • Logging into your USPS account online may not always go smoothly. Both website maintenance and a sluggish internet connection might cause this issue.
  • If you want to use the LiteBlue online portal, you’ll need a reliable internet connection.
  • Get the most recent version of your preferred browser. It’s possible that LiteBlue won’t work with your preferred web browser.
  • As a result, the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome are recommended.
  • You should know that there is currently no LiteBlue mobile application available. Thus, it is again recommended that you utilize the most recent version of Google Chrome when visiting the site on a mobile device.

LiteBlue Benefits


Being such a feature-rich portal, it is quite obvious that LiteBlue Login offers many benefits to its users. Some of them are –

  • Insurance Management : USPS employees can manage their insurance related transactions using this portal. They can invest in FEHB plans, USPS Health Benefits Plan and many other plans to secure their future.
  • Salary Review : LiteBlue Login allows its users to review their salary and leave programs. They can find detailed salary structure and various benefits that they are entitled to here.
  • Account Management : In order to carefully utilize your money, you can choose from various investment plans like Thrift Savings Plan, Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account available under LiteBlue Login portal.
  • Money Management : You get access to various articles that will teach you regarding sound money management so that your future is secured for good. You can read about topics like Retirement, Financial Wellness, Direct Deposit and others here.
  • Retirement Planning : You can access eRetire from liteblue portal and plan your retirement.

LiteBlue ePayroll Login

Salary is one area where organizations tend to waste a lot of paper while processing it. So USPS has found out an innovative idea to GO GREEN. They have instead created a facility using which its employees can access their payment details. Along with that, they also get access to various benefits that they can avail at their current position. They can also view their current as well as previous payments using this facility. This facility available under the LiteBlue Login Portal.

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